2017 Lottery Calendar

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WCCF Gives 2016 – Contribute thru September 13, 2016


We Appreciate your support!

Deadline is almost here!  Help support Fix Ur Cat with Washington County Community Foundation WCCF.  Submit your donation by September 13, 2016.

Click Here to Download WCCF GIVES Contribution Form

Complete submission form for your donation today!


WCCF GIVES Contributin Form.2_1


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Looking for Fosters!

We are in need of temporary fosters to help out some kittens in need.

Contact Michelle Bruce if you can assist!  724-503-8523

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Voucher Spay or Neuter Certificates

Voucher Spay or Neuter Certificates Now Available!

Final Voucher for Spay or NeuterIf you would like to purchase one certificate, you should fill in the certificate, and attach a check or money order for $45 made out to Fix ‘ur Cat. If you would like to purchase more than one certificate, please print and fill in each certificate. So, purchasing 5? Please fill in 5 certificates.

Please mail the completed certificate(s) along with the check, made payable to Fix ‘ur Cat ($45 per certificate) to::

Fix ‘ur Cat,

c/o Pat Sphar,

2460 Old Washington Road,

Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

Pat will mail the certificates back with the appropriate coding. It is up to the purchaser to distribute them once they are received from Pat.

Each certificate is good for a neuter/spay and rabies vaccination. Additional vaccinations, tests, etc. can be purchased when the certificate holder sends in their application, with their certificate attached. They can attach their own check or money order, along with the certificate, to the application.

The certificates can only be used for FIX ‘UR CAT drive up services or FIX ‘UR CAT mobile clinics at this time. They are not refundable.

Click to Download Certificate Form

Thank you for encouraging people to spay and neuter!

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Welcome to Fix Ur Cat


Fix ur Cat is a 501 C3 volunteer group aimed at the heart of the problem of cat overpopulation – uncontrolled breeding.

By spaying one female cat, you can prevent 60 live births.  Millions of unwanted and homeless cats are born in our country each year.  During the peak of the kitten season – from late April to September – kill shelters and control groups, kill unwanted and abandoned cats at the rate of over one per minute.  Others, even less fortunate, are left to wander – easy prey for larger animals, easy targets for automobiles and easy marks for cruel pranksters and fanatics. If they do survive these hazards and the elements, they soon attain maturity and bring forth five or six kittens, mostly females. Low cost, easily accessible neuter/spay services are critical to stopping this vicious cycle.

Fix Ur Cat is able to assist with Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services for $45.

Contact Pat Sphar to schedule an upcoming appointment:

724-405-7FIX (7349)



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