Cats Looking for a Home! Lost a Pet?

Fix Ur Cat is always running into some furry friends that are looking for a home.

We took this little kitten in photo from the Reliance Colony.  We have named him – what else –   He is looking for a foster to adopt situation.

“Crosby” was removed from a colony yesterday.  He is doing well, and settled in within 10 minutes of being in his new home.  He will need to be fostered or “fostered to adopt” until he is old enough to be neutered.
Please call Michelle 724-503-8523 or e-mail at if you can help or would like more information.



Georgia is a feral brown torbie (tortoise shell – tabby) trapped the day I moved from my temporary rental to my new house. I had been feeding her for 4 months, but I did not notice until the last day that she was lame, with an old injury to her left wrist which was irreparable. She risked a bone infection without amputation. We spayed & vaccinated her, but because she is feral, delayed amputating her left leg to see whether she would become easier to handle. She is not easier to handle, but Dr. Theo at AF removed her leg 2 weeks ago. Here is not so sweet Georgia, healed and doing well. I named her hoping she would live up to the name. She tolerates visits from my younger cats, who groom her while she hissed at them. I tried to trap her brother for 3 weeks following my move (I had tried to trap both for 2 weeks prior to my move) but was unsuccessful.
Please call Michelle 724-503-8523 or e-mail at if you can help or would like more information.





We are in need of temporary fosters to help out some kittens in need.

Contact Michelle Bruce if you can assist!  724-503-8523




Please call Michelle at 724-503-8523 for more information or if you are looking to adopt a cat or kitten or if you have room in your home to help foster.


 Do you have a found animal?? 

Southwestern PA Animal Control information.





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