NEW THINGS ARE HAPPENING! About Fix Ur Cat/Low Cost Spay & Neuter Washington County

Fix ur Cat/Low Cost Spay & Neuter Washington County is a 501 C 3 volunteer group whose mission is to encourage Washington County, PA and surrounding area residents to spay and neuter their cats, and any other cats in their care.  We go by Low Cost Spay & Neuter of Washington County for 501 C3 status.

We are hosting weekly clinics for Fix Ur Cat clients.

Spaces are limited.  Priority given to low income families, rescues and people caring for large numbers of cats.

All clinics are by appointment for $45 per cat/kitten spay or neuter.       

Contact Pat Sphar to schedule an upcoming appointment:

Click here to print out our application.

Fix ur Cat is still working and facilitating access to the low-cost clinics offered by Animal Friends at Camp Horne Road & Fix Ur Pet in Canonsburg.

Fix ur Cat coordinates clients for the Animal Friends’ mobile resource clinic, which will visit our area monthly between April and November.  During those visits, the vet team can neuter/spay approximately 25 cats and administer rabies shots for the low price of $45.

Mobile clinics are finished for the season.  Ferry services are being coordinated as needed.

Other vaccinations and service are also available at discounted rates. We are grateful to those facilities that have allowed us to hold the clinics on their property.
































Are you looking for another spay or neuter program?  Or need other animal services?  Fix Ur Cat would like to help you in the direction that you need.  Please see below additional links to other area animals services that may be able to assist your needs.  Please contact them directly for your specific interests!

Animal Friends       Pet Search   Angel Ridge Animal Rescue   Animal Rescue League of PA   Washington Area Humane Society   Western PA Human Society     Hello Bully

Do you have a found animal?? Southwestern PA Animal Control information.

Looking for a Vet?  Fix Ur Cat Recommends Affordable Pet Care

Looking for Pet Supplies or a treat for your pet of any kind?  Fix Ur Cat Recommends  PetValu in in McMurray PA











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