Fix Ur Cat Cat Application, Pricing & Certificate Info

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Contact Pat Sphar to schedule an upcoming appointment:  724-405-7FIX (7349)


We are taking weekly clinic reservations!

  Low income individuals/families, people caring for multiple cats, and rescues are given priority.

 Cost is $45 per spay or neuter.


NOTE:  All services are by appointment only. 

All completed applications will need regular mailed with payment to secure appointment.  All appointments are scheduled and confirmed via phone.


Contact Pat Sphar to schedule an upcoming appointment:  724-405-7FIX (7349)

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Book a veterinary appointment with Vetary and give back to a pet shelter in need!




Voucher Spay or Neuter Certificates Now Available!

Final Voucher for Spay or NeuterIf you would like to purchase one certificate, you should fill in the certificate, and attach a check or money order for $45 made out to Fix ‘ur Cat. If you would like to purchase more than one certificate, please print and fill in each certificate. So, purchasing 5? Please fill in 5 certificates.

Please mail the completed certificate(s) along with the check, made payable to Fix ‘ur Cat ($45 per certificate) to::

Fix ‘ur Cat,

c/o Pat Sphar,

2460 Old Washington Road,

Pittsburgh, PA 15241.

Pat will mail the certificates back with the appropriate coding. It is up to the purchaser to distribute them once they are received from Pat.

Each certificate is good for a neuter/spay and rabies vaccination. Additional vaccinations, tests, etc. can be purchased when the certificate holder sends in their application, with their certificate attached. They can attach their own check or money order, along with the certificate, to the application.

The certificates can only be used for FIX ‘UR CAT drive up services or FIX ‘UR CAT mobile clinics at this time. They are not refundable.

Click to Download Certificate Form

Thank you for encouraging people to spay and neuter!




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