Play Hearts of Gold! Ends June 16th

Play Hearts of Gold!

Assign Low Cost Spay and Neuter Washington/Fix Ur Cat with a Golden Heart! “Seeing Caesar”

WCCF launched a new website contest that is designed to present members of our community with a golden opportunity.

How To Play “Hearts of Gold”
Visit until 11:59 p.m. on June 16 to assign a “Golden Heart” to your favorite charity stories.

In order to “Heart” a story, you must be registered as a reader on the Heart of Giving Storybook website.

Registration is free and requires only your name and a valid email address. You can “Heart” as many different charity stories as you would like, but you can only “Heart” a single story once.

After the close of the contest, the WCCF will use a computer program to determine three “Hearts of Gold” philanthropists at random.

First three selected will have opportuity to win grants! $1000-$3000.


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